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Fabulous services in our Exclusive Hampstead Salon by creative stylist and Loreal Colour Expert with more than 15 years of experience.  Book online hairdresser for a fabulous hair salon to treat yourself to Crazy Hair and VIP Service! 

Do you need a more dramatic change or an innovative intensive haircare intervention? Your professional stylist will offer as part of your VIP service (Gents Haircut or Ladies Haircut, blow dry and colour) an enhancement or corrective treatments.  Your treatment will be selected by your expert hair stylist to alter the  structure of your hair for the best possible results – allowing for long lasting results.

What is an Olaplex Salon treatment - Olaplex patented active chemistry works on a molecular level to repair damaged and broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. OLAPLEX Bond Building  technology - Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, a single molecule, dramatically improves the hair strength, protects from within, and provides immediate results for all hair types.   It can be used to restore damaged and compromised hair, or as a tool to prevent breakage.  The beauty about Olaplex is that it is beneficial for all hair types, whether your hair is coloured, virgin, straight, curly or anything in between.  Why not enhance your Gents Haircut or Ladies Haircut service with an Olaplex  treatment?  

Don't forget to ask your Loreal Colour Expert more about our other professional treatments to enhance your fabulous hairdressing experience with amazing results.

Ladies Haircuts, Styling & Treatments

Ladies Haircut & Blow Dry. £80

Blow Dry. £40

Session Blow Dry. £55

Olaplex Treatment with Finish. £75

Mens Haircuts & Grooming

Gent Haircut. £50

HOMME Colour with Gents Haircut. £80

Ladies Colouring

Full Head Tint with Finish. £130

Semi-Permanent Colour & Styling. £100

Root Tint with Finish. £100

Ten Foils and Root Colour & Finish. £130

Ten Foils & Semi-Permanent Colour with Styling. £130

Toner with Styling. £60

Ladies Highlights & Balayage

Full Head Foils/Balayage & Toner with Finish. £210

Half Head Foils/Balayage & Toner with Styling. £190

T-Section Foils/Balayage & Toner with Finish. £160

Half Head Foils/Balayage & Toner with Styling. £225


Colour Skin Test - Our Loreal Colour Expert require first time colour clients to have a skin test 48 hours before any colour service.  It’s essential you get a skin test before a exclusive colour appointment.  This is to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the products we are going to be using on your hair and completely safe when your Loreal hair colour is applied.  The skin tests is included in our VIP service to ensure duty of care to our clients. 

COVID-19 hygiene - Your health and safety are our absolute priority at our Exclusive Hampstead Hairdresser, so to protect you and your Loreal Colour Expert professional we have introduced enhanced hygiene and safety protocols for all beauty services. You can now relax knowing that your Expert Stylist will look after you in the safest way possible.

At our Exclusive Hampstead Hair Salon all prices include a professional blow dry.  Our 5 star salon prices include VAT while all major credit cards and debit cards are accepted. 

Fabulous Colouring - VIP Service

Semi-Permanent Dye

If you want low commitment colour, experiment with the help of your Loreal Colour Expert and our professional range of semi-permanent, tone-on-tone colours. Add shine and depth to your hair colour whilst still respecting the condition, and achieve beautiful results without the permanent commitment.

Permanent Dye

Discover your perfect colour, tailor-made for you by your L’Oréal Professional colourist with our professional range of permanent hair dyes. We have a broad range of products and shades to ensure you find the most fabulous dyes that suits you. Permanent colour is strong enough for a long-lasting result, yet it leaves your hair feeling soft and radiant looking.

Balayage London

Balayage is a blonde colour technique to boost your hair's natural reflects, the balayage technique has quickly become today's most requested in salon colour service for the L’Oréal Professional colourist. Discover which products are used to create this look and learn more about the artistry behind this popular look.

Ammonia Free Products

Let your L’Oréal Professional colourist enhance your style with our ammonia-free products designed to restore vibrancy to your hair. Our no ammonia colourant are perfect for a subtle, yet effective result that can even cover up the first signs of grey.

Fabulous Blonde

Find your perfect shade of blonde with the help of your L’Oréal Professional colourist. Whether your ideal blonde is natural, cool ash or a delicious blend of caramel and toffee tones learn all about our palette of dyes.  Find you best shade and let your colourist customise the look with a range of fabulous techniques.

Sophisticated Brown

From light brown to dark brown, or chocolate to hazelnut – your L’Oréal Professional colourist have a perfect brown to suit your brunette needs.  Enhance your natural style with a signature glossing or work with your professional Hampstead hairdresser to create a bespoke colour that’s tailored to your skin tone. Discover how you can achieve your desired result with the help of your Hampstead hairdresser today.

Legendary Red

Reds aren't just for the bold and the brave. Your L’Oréal Professional colourist can find the right shade proving that reds can be for everybody.  Finding a perfect red can brighten the look of skin tone, make eyes 'pop' and leave you feeling fabulously confident and looking radiant. Discover our red dyes with the help of your Loreal Colour Expert and be inspired to go red!

Timeless Grey

Whether you want to enhance your beautiful grey look, or cover it up, your with the help of your L’Oréal Professional colourist have got a perfect solution for you and your needs. Discover our collection of fabulous products dedicated to grey hair. Learn how your Loreal Colour Expert can transform your look, compliment your complexion and keep your hair feeling soft and supple.

How to choose a Fabulous New Hair Colour

Colouring your hair is an fabulous, moment – the right colour can be an instant confidence boost, expressing your unique style and personality. But in order to get that hot hairstyle of ideal shade, there are five crucial factors to consider. 

1.  Trust your Loreal Colour Expert, not the box and your hands.  Especially if you are colouring for the first time, try to avoid colouring your hair at home.  Why?  Just like the difference between painting your own nails and going to a beauty bar, the professional always does a better job.  No brainer, because it's their job!  Many mistakes can be made at home, for example not leaving the product on your hair for the optimum time, which can lead to unexpected colour results, and/or colour that does not last; not applying the colour evenly (sections are the trickiest); and choosing the wrong shade altogether. 

2.  Know your colours; are all unique with different skin tones and face shapes that make us uniquely beautiful.  It's also these varying undertones that mean some hair tones are not as flattering as others. To insure your new hair colour will make your complexion look fabulous and eyes “pop”, it's important to know if your are a cool, warm or neutral.  Cool skin tones frequently have modes that appear blue.  Try some of these stylish cool-toned hair colours - dark brown, ash brown and platinum blond.  On the other end of the colour wheel, warm skin tones show greenish tones and look great in gold. You can bring out your warm undertones by blending your hair colours with ash-burn, chocolate, and caramel blond.  If you one of the few lucky once that have neutral skin tone every colour will suit you! 

3.  Social media; Your hairstylist may be a Loreal Colour Expert professional, but they do not read minds...  Make sure you have a good idea what you want to achieve before your colour visit to ensure you get the perfect crazy hair or the hit hair you desire!  Social media Instagram or Twitter can be a rich sources of ideas!   How about a balayage, or got new trends!  These days there are also apps which enable you to try out different haircuts and colours by uploading a picture of yourself.  Technology in action, making your life better!

4.  Prepare your aftercare; do not get caught off guard without the right colour care post-salon. Before you take the plunge and change your hair colour, make sure to ask your professional colour expert to recommend you the right shampoo, conditioner.  This is not a one-size-fits-all situation, there are specialist products specifically designed for your hair colour! 

5.  Semi-or permanent hair colour; there are good reasons for each hair colour option, so it comes down to choosing the right one for your situation.  Go for a temporary hair colour: 

  • You are looking to try out a new hair colour for a holiday or event
  • You enjoy regularly changing your hair colour
  • You have not coloured your hair before and are nervous...

Go for a semi-permanent hair colour:

  • You want to try out a new colour for the season
  • You are gradationally growing out a former hair colour
  • You want to be sure it's the right colour for you before colouring permanently

Go for a permanent hair colour: 

  • You are colour-confident
  • You want maximum colour sprightliness
  • You do not want a longer-lasting colour

Once these five points are ticked off, go and get your fabulous hair colour form your Loreal Colour Expert for crazy hair or the hot hair you desired!

Hair Loss what the experts say

According to NIOXIN, half of the population suffer from hair loss during their lives - remember you are not alone!  As with most things in life when it comes to hair loss prevention is better than cure so if you notice signs of thinning, speak to your Hair by Martin professional hairdresser Hampstead.  He will help you choose from the best innovative hair solutions available to reduce loss. 

NIOXIN Commercial Education Manager, Sophie Ruggiero explain the following as the reasons you might be experiencing hair loss:

1. Genetic factors - Genetic hair loss, are often referred to as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia). Women may start noticing loss where they part their hair and along their hairline, men may start see hair loss from the temple and the crown area.

Genetic hair loss can be inherited from either or even both parents. The majority of people affected by genetic hair loss start to notice the first signs of thinning hair in the 4th to 5th decades of life, but for some hair loss can start early, late teens and/or early 20s.

Nioxin can be an important part of your routine helping to slow down the thinning process making the most out of your remaining locks.  Learn more by visiting NIOXIN genetics of hair loss.

2. Stress - Stress often causes hair loss showing a strong relationship - new job, pressure at work, living a hectic lifestyle, having a new baby, or losing a loved one close to you.  Hair loss is not immediate, and it may take 3 to 6 months after the stressful time to show - large shift in our hairs from the growing phase to the shedding phase. This is referred to as telogen effluvium.  Read the NIOXIN article combat stress-related hair loss to learn more or speak to your professional hairdressers for innovative solutions to help you.

3.  Nutrition - Our diet play a major role in the growth of healthy hair. It is important to consider that a healthy body and scalp support healthy hair. Hair is dependent on the scalp receiving vitamins and nutrients that are obtained from your body through what we eat.  To ensure healthy hair it is important to eat a healthy balanced diet.

Hair growth supplements can ensure you are getting all the nutrients that sculpt and hair needs, such as zinc, iron, biotin, or vitamin D.  Remember it is important to talk to your medical practitioner before starting a new supplement if you have a medical condition.
4. Health or medication - Hair thinning can be caused by several different health concerns, such as thyroid conditions, natural hormonal changes that women experience after pregnancy or during menopause.  Hair loss can also be caused by certain medications. Your sculpt and hair follicle is incredibly sensitive to changes in your body.  It is always a good idea to consult your medical professional If you are worried about hair loss. A doctor will be able to diagnose and treat the condition that’s causing the hair loss.  You can speak to your professional hairdresser who can recommend a cosmetic solution to hair loss. 

5. Environmental - Current research demonstrates that the environment impacts our hair.  Air pollution and minerals in the water will affect the quality of the hair and contribute to hair loss.

Sun damage and hairstyling habits such as dyes, heat, and chemical straighteners can weaken the hair and contribute to hair loss.

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